• Eimear's approachable, friendly and professional manner puts you at ease straight away. She listens and provides you with a treatment set to the highest standards. She always delivers just what I need whether I know it or not! Healing, Renewing, Relaxing and Reviving. Thanks Eimear! Myrthe

  • As a Massage Therapist myself, I am fully aware of what constitutes as a good massage and Eimear certainly gives a GREAT one!!! Eimear combined her knowledge and skills from all her therapies to give me the treatment I needed at that point in time. She tailored the treatment around me, as a pregnant lady, so I came home feeling completely relaxed AND relieved of any stress and tension I had been carrying around.
    Eimear has a lovely calming nature and I would highly recommend her to everyone!! Karen

  • Eimear is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. As someone who works at a desk all day and has a very busy lifestyle I am in regular need of relief through massage. Eimear's approach is holistic and her attention to care over the course of my visits has always been very thorough. I trust Eimear for sound advice on any of my aches and pains and she is proactive in helping me avoid re-occurence in those areas that she has fixed. Above all each experience is relaxed and professional and always a real treat. I have had massages with other therapists in the past but none can top my experience with Eimear. I feel lucky to have found her and her magic hands! Mairead

  • I have been going to Eimear for acupuncture now for a number of years. I first started I think to deal with a sporting injury but largely now see her for mood and stress management.
    Eimear is extremely professional and competent at this form of medicine. She has studied in China on it. Eimear will assess your condition and give you the treatment that you need. The way Eimear does acupuncture is very effective and has hugely therapeutic effects that relax your body and mind and heals your whole system. Luke

  • Being a competitive runner, I have very specific requests and needs when going to a massage therapist. Eimear has continuously proven to be a very skilled therapist by helping me rehabilitate from injuries and preventing any future ones. She has a very holistic approach and advises you on what else can enhance your well-being besides a massage. Moreover, Eimear has an extensive network of specialists that she can refer you to if you need other therapy outside of her expertise. Thanks to Eimear, I am a healthy and happy runner since I came to Dublin. Jordy

  • There are no words to describe her work. Eimear is an amazing professional. She combines all her skills in treatments: sports massage, acupuncture, reiki, tuina, reflexology and even Spanish!! Three years ago my mother was in extreme pain and she couldn’t move her arm. Doctors told her that she was old and there was nothing to do apart from taking painkillers. She came from Madrid and Eimear healed her in a few sessions. It was amazing since the beginning Eimear understood what was wrong with her without a X–ray or anything. She is very gentle and she won’t force you to do acupuncture if you don’t want to. Eimear was surprised that my mother kept coming back to see her from Madrid.
    I went myself and I recommend her to everyone I know to go if they have any issues. Even for a relaxing massage she is great. Everybody is very happy with the results from the treatments they receive from her. Ana Maria

  • Eimear is able to combine her knowledge of many different therapies to give a unique treatment. Depending on what I need on the day she is able to adapt the treatment accordingly, from working deeply to ease sore muscles, or giving a more healing (using reiki) treatment to relieve my stress and anxiety. She has a kind, calm and gentle nature and I always feel much better both physically and emotionally after my sessions with her. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her to my friends and familyAnna

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