tui na

Tui na

Treats the target stress areas of the head, neck and shoulder combining the traditional Chinese massage with acupressure points.

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PRICE: 45 mins €55

What is it?

TuiNa (pronounced 'twee-nah') is practiced as a major medical discipline in China, and covers the areas of physical therapy, rehabilitation, pediatric disease, manipulation and energetic massage. Tuina massage is used to treat injuries, joint and muscle problems and internal disorders.

In a tuina session, the client remains clothed but wears loose clothing. Tuina massage for specific health problems is based on a full Traditional Chinese Medicine case history taking to help identify a complaint and any underlying pattern that requires treatment. Tuina is also used to protect health by building immunity thereby acting as a preventative care mechanism.

During a treatment various techniques are used along the energy channels or meridians. It involves gentle shaking, stretching, joint movements, applying finger pressure, hands and elbows as a tool to directly influence the flow of the energy within the body or Qi. This stimulates and releases the flow of energy, which helps balance your physical and emotional systems.

Benefits of tui na:

  • Helps maintain our health by keeping our Qi flowing freely

  • Creates a feeling of vitality

  • Helps muscles relax and eases chronic pain

  • Promotes self-healing

  • Creates a sense of emotional well-being

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