sports massage

Sports massage

A deep tissue massage, which accelerates the recuperation of the muscles and reduces tension and pain produced by physical exercise

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What is sports massage?

Sports massage is the use of massage for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

Sport massage uses the application of massage techniques that follow sound anatomical and physiological consideration, combined with basic musculo-skeletal evaluation techniques to ensure the health and well-being of the athlete and to enhance athletic performance.

In general, sports massage can be used as part of a training programme to help prevent injury; a rehabilitation programme to treat injury; a warm up for an event or as part of the wind down after the event.

Effects of Sports Massage

Physical effects:

  • stretches soft tissue
  • relieves muscle tension
  • improves flexilibity of muscle
  • reduces muscles spasm
  • improves formation of scar tissue
  • reduces swelling

Physiological effects:

  • increases blood and lymph flow
  • increase supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue
  • removes waste products relieves pain
  • stimulates the nervous system

Psychological effects:

  • relieves tension and anxiety
  • pain relief
  • stimulates physical activity eg pre event massage
Common Causes of Sports Injuries

General Over Training:

  • doing too much of a particular exercise tires the tissues and can cause damage
  • if there isn't an adequate amount of time between the training sessions for the tissues to fully recover

Specific over training:

  • occurs when a particular aspect of training leads to over use for eg doing a particular exercise incorrectly
  • can develop when atheles mix the training within their sport

Warm-up and warm-down:

  • correctly warming-up is important as the tissues and the body as a whole must be prepared for the stresses they are about to undergo
  • warm-down is also very important as it helps the recovery process to begin properly following hard massage
  • stretching is essential part of a warm-down as it helps realign muscle fibres and prevent the natural tightness and stiffness that often follow hard exercise


  • with the ageing process, the metabolic process involved in recovery slows down
  • tendons become less lubricated and therefore more prone to damage
  • may also be an accumulation of stress on specific structures over the years of repetitive training leading to wear and tear
  • longer recovery periods and more effort into helping the recovery process is required by older athletes

Benefits of sports massage:

  • Speeds up the healing of damaged or overworked tissues and muscles thus reduces recovery time and allows a sport person to regain their health and performance

  • Increase fitness capabilities and performance potential

  • Prevents future injury by identifying and treating current muscle weakness, tiredness and problem areas

  • Post-event massage helps clears out waste and toxins eg lactic acid from muscles , reducing stiffness and enabling a faster recovery than post event rest

  • Massage helps break up adhesions that can develop between the fascia of different muscles, thus improving muscle suppleness and mobility

  • Enables muscles and joints to heal faster after injury

  • Improves flexilibity and the suppleness of muscles and joints

  • Peak performance can be reached faster and, once reached, sustained over longer periods

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